FutureNet presention of CBA

The following is a screen cast of a presentation given by Patsy at FutureNet May 2010 on Code-N-Play: Deployable Network Stacks.
This presentation will start by providing an insight of the EU ICT project 4WARD, a three year pan-European large scale research project for Future Internet Architectures.
The rest of the presentation focuses on one of the main results of 4WARD, which is a component-based virtual network that realises parts of the RINA vision as laid out by John Day (BostonU).
Patsy demonstrates the software platform and some of its core features, which support the design and development of networking protocols and applications. The last part of the presentation will demonstrate how a complete virtual network can be developed, deployed and monitored. The platform we present and demonstrate uses Spring DM (Eclipse Virgo) for deployment and Java development, JNode for legacy hw/sw (device/protocol) integration and the OSGi component framework.

Click here to watch the presentation in WideScreen mode (evil popup window).
What you will see in the presentation is that CBA is

  • Java based development, deployment and execution
  • No C/C++, No OS Kernel (User space), No pain
  • Removal of barrier to entry
  • Cross platform – OS independent.
  • Off the shelf (free/community tools / platform)
  • Applying Industry practises / tooling
  • Design–Develop–Deploy
  • Its Software – Nothing is impossible!
  • Network Protocol(s) / Stack implementation / testing
  • Network & Node configuration & deployment
  • Complete Programmatic Control – Repeat Scenarios