D4.1 Definition of Scenarios and Use Cases for In-Network Management

This D4.1 Definition of Scenarios and Use Cases for In-Network Management is the first deliverable coming out of the In-Network Management work package of 4WARD. It describes a core set of scenarios and use case that will guide the further work performed in the work package.
The goal of In-Network Management is to overcome limitations of traditional network management: it is developing engineering principles for automated configuration management, but also real-time monitoring functions that trigger adaptation of configuration. In-Network Management will support future large-scale networks that self-configure, dynamically adapt to external events and allow for low-cost operation. Its key idea is that management stations outside the network delegate management tasks to a self-organizing management plane inside the network.
In order to kick-off the work on In-Network Management a problem-driven approach has been adopted. As starting point for the research concrete scenarios and use cases have been selected that allow for a fundamental analysis of management problems encountered in the future Internet.
The four scenarios that have been selected highlight the wide range of challenges. They address self-management in wireless multi-hop networks, network management for a large operator network, management needs of home network environments, and management strategies availability under extreme conditions like catastrophes and natural disasters. For each scenario major use cases have been identified that analyse in more detail and on a concrete level the specific problems of that particular environment.
Based on the scenarios, evaluation criteria are derived that provide guidance for the follow-up activities in the work package and also offer the opportunity of a common ground for the cooperation between the other project work packages to help in the integration into a coherent overall framework of the various tracks of research performed by 4WARD.