4WARD Future Internet Summer School 2009 (FISS 09)

This summer school programme was devised by the 4WARD team to provide courses, labs, presentations, PhD poster sessions, panel discussion, and invited talks on the topic of the Future Internet, by leading experts from European projects and other international partners.

Links to the presentations and invited talks can be found on the main website for the summer school. which include
* Future Internet Architecture by: Martina Zitterbart, Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Germany;
* Views on the Future Internet by: Norbert Niebert, Ericsson, Germany;
* Future Internet Research in Europe by: Paulo de Sousa, European Commission;
* Special Invited Plenary Short Course: (CCN) Content Centric Networking by: Van Jacobson, PARC Research, USA;
* Security and Dependability Issues of the Future Internet by: Syed Naqvi, CETIC, Belgium;
* Network Virtualization by: Stephan Baucke, Ericsson EDD, Germany;
* What QoS for the Future Internet? by: James Roberts, Orange Labs, France;
* Accessing WiFi Networks from Moving Vehicles by: Samir R. Das, Stony Brook, University SUNY, NY U.S.A.,
* Recursive Network Archtitecture by: Joe Touch, USC/ISI, USA;
Some of the course material is also avaialble on
* ORBIT Hands-on-Tutorial by: Ivan Seskar, WINLAB, Rutgers University, USA
* Mobility and Multiaccess in Emerging Internet Architectures by: Kostas Pentikousis, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
Towards a Network of Information by: Kostas Pentikousis, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
* Delay Tolerant Networking by: Carsten Bormann, University of Bremen, Germany; and Ioannis Psaras, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
* ANA – ‘Autonomic Network Architecture’ Tutorial and Lab by: Christian Tschudin; Christophe Jelger; and Ghazi Bouabene, University of Basel
* Network Virtualization by: Panagiotis Papadimitriou, Lancaster University, United Kingdom; Yasir Zaki, University of Bremen, Germany; Liang Zhao, University of Bremen, Germany, Asanga Udugama, University of Bremen; Ingo Grothues, Ericsson EDD, Germany; and Carmelita Görg, University of Bremen, Germany
* From Distributed Management to In-Network Management by: Rolf Stadler, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden; and Danny Raz, The Technion, Haifa, Israel
* Interdomain Routing and Traffic Engineering by: Pedro A. Aranda Gutiérrez, Telefónica I+D, Spain
Business Models of the Future Internet by: Mario Kind, Deutsche Telekom AG, Laboratories, Germany
* Interference Management in Wireless Networks by: Samir R. Das, Stony Brook University, SUNY, NY U.S.A.
* The Generic Path by: Hagen Woesner, TU Berlin, TKN, Germany