D-4.3 In-network management design

The deliverable D-4.3 In-network management design is available for review and comment.
This deliverable D-4.3 reports on 4WARDs work developing the novel paradigm of In-network Management (INM), aimed specifically at the effective management of large, dynamic networks.
Its basic enabling concepts are decentralization, self-organization, and autonomy. The idea is that management tasks are delegated from management stations outside the network to the network itself. The INM approach therefore involves embedding management intelligence in the network, or, in other words, making the network more intelligent. The managed system now executes management functions on its own. It performs, for instance, reconfiguration or self-healing in an autonomic manner.
This deliverable describes the main results of WP4 achieved during the second year of the 4WARD project and it complements deliverable D-4.1, which presents use cases illustrating the potential of INM capabilities. First, it contains the design of the INM framework, an enabler of management functions that defines a set of architectural elements from which any distributed and embedded management structure can be created. Second, it presents algorithms for situation awareness in real-time and self-adaptation that provide a subset of management functions that we regard as important and challenging for the management of the future Internet. Third, it outlines our work towards an INM prototype due in June 2010.
Finally, the document reports on the results of WP4 INMs close collaboration with other WPs in the 4WARD project.